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Global Female Condom Conference 2015

Although universal access to the only dual prevention method available today that women can initiate themselves has taken some major steps forward in recent years, many women and men still do not have access to female condoms. By combining knowledge, experience and expertise, we can make the female condom accessible, available and affordable for all. The Global Female Condom Conference 2015 will be a vital opportunity to contribute to this mission. We are very pleased to invite you to this exciting event, from 1 to 3 December in Durban, South Africa. Let’s take female condoms to the next level!

About the conference

UAFC together with 3 international partners will be hosting the 3rd Global Female Condom Conference 2015 with this years slogan ‘Initiate, Innovate, Integrate’. The conference will take place in Durban, South Africa.

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The conference offers a varied three-day programme with scientific presentations, discussion panels, interactive workshops and much more.

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Call to action.

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