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Advocacy toolkit

This toolkit is for everyone who is eager to advocate for the availability, accessibility and affordability of female condoms. Although women face the consequences of unprotected sex and bare the huge burden of unintended pregnancy and the risk of infections, the only dual protection method they can initiate themselves is not yet widely available. That is why advocating for female condoms to policy makers and decision-makers is necessary: to convince them that the access to female condoms is essential for the health of the community.

This advocacy toolkit contains online tools to support your advocacy efforts for female condoms and provides an overview where you can find the most accurate information on the different female condoms and training materials on advocacy.

Designing your advocacy strategy

How to advocacy for female condoms? Read the steps to build your advocacy strategy.

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Demonstrating female condoms

Demonstrating the use of female condoms can contribute to your advocacy efforts. Check our how-to-demonstrate videos.

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Presenting the Business Case for Female Condoms

The Business Case for Female Condoms shows the value of investing in female condoms. Benefit from the report and our animation based on it.

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Inspiring advocacy practices

What have been successful advocacy activities from other organizations? Get inspired.

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International agreements

Which international agreements are relevant to female condoms and therefore useful for your advocacy strategy?

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Q&A about female condoms

Find the answers to the most important and frequently asked questions concerning female condoms.

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Links to other resources and tools

Which data and tools are useful for your advocacy strategy?

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