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Oxfam Novib is a Dutch development organization committed to a just world without poverty. ON is one of the 17 affiliates of the Oxfam Confederation, with local partners in 94 countries.

Oxfam Novib (ON) works in a decentralized manner, with limited staff at Head Quarters (The Hague) level. By the end of 2013 ON will have opened 20 country offices, with mostly local staff.


Within the UAFC Joint Programme, ON provides accountability towards back donors and partners concerning the various contracts within the programme and is thus responsible for the contract and project management. ON furthermore, monitors the country programmes in Nigeria and Mozambique. The lead organizations in these countries are social marketing experts who are responsible for the supply chain management and distribution of the female condoms. The female condoms are branded and marketed differently in each country, depending on the social and cultural context. Other Oxfam Novib partners such as Girl Power Initiative in Nigeria and Forum Mulher in Mozambique also work closely with the lead organisations as do a score of other local organizations and key stakeholders to implement the programmes at a large-scale.

Oxfam Novib is also a donor of the UAFC Joint Programme, contributing to the country programme in Mozambique. Oxfam Novib has also financially contributed to the Paper Doll Campaign within the international advocacy component of the programme.