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i+solutions is an independent not-for-profit organisation working towards universal access to quality and affordable medicines and health products through procurement and capacity building services. i+solutions offers high quality integrated supply chain and consultancy services to low and middle income countries focusing on priority public health areas such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and reproductive health.

i+solutions understands the importance of combining curative with preventive programs for the long term fight against HIV/AIDS and STIs.


Within the UAFC Joint Program, i+solutions has organized the procurement of seven million female condoms through country programs in Nigeria, Cameroon and Mozambique. Furthermore, i+solutions is involved in market analysis and monitoring of female condoms. i+solutions aims to provide market intelligence by sharing the latest product information, pre-qualification statuses, supply chain issues and new technologies under development by existing and potential new suppliers.

A major milestone in 2012 was the successful entrance of CUPID as the second WHO pre-qualified female condom on the market. i+solutions is successfully working towards creating a healthier market place, with more supply security and ultimately more affordable and sustainable prices for female condoms.

i+solutions is a major procurement and supply services agent within two initiatives of the Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM); the Pooled Procurement program (funded by the Global Fund) and the Supply Chain Management Services program (funded by USAID). Furthermore, i+solutions’ Training, Consultancy and Projects department offers short term / long term technical assistance and works on several projects related to improving access to medicines by building capacity at the government level. The i+solutions team of senior consultants comprising of experts in different fields such as procurement, logistics, management information systems, as well as monitoring & evaluation, conducts consultancy projects in all areas of supply chain management and system implementation.