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Universal Access to Female Condoms

Female condoms are the only method women can initiate themselves for protection against both unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The Universal Access to Female Condoms (UAFC) Joint Programme strives to make female condoms available, accessible and affordable for all.

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Global Female Condom Conference is coming up!

Seize this year’s final opportunity to join colleagues from all over the world to take steps forward on enhancing family planning and preventing HIV/AIDS. At the Global Female Condom Conference in Durban we will combine knowledge, experience and expertise to make female condoms accessible, available and affordable for all. This sunny and educational event starts in less than two weeks, […]

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Male views: female condoms enhance sexual pleasure

Men in Sub-Saharan Africa appreciate female condoms because they enhance sexual pleasure compared to male condoms and have less side-effects than other contraceptives. This can be read in a recently published study by the Amsterdam Institute of International Development (AIID) on male views on female condoms in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Cameroon. The study also concludes that promoting female condoms in these […]

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Female condoms at International Conference on Family Planning 2015

Conference is postponed untill further notice due to the volcanic eruption on a nearby island, threatening flight safety and health. Follow the conference website for updates. Female condoms are still an underestimated method for family planning, as they don’t only protect against pregnancy but also prevent STIs and have no side-effects. We welcome you to learn more about this […]

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